Saturday, March 30, 2013

December 2012

 Our first snow fall of the season and Audrey couldn't wait to get out in it!

 Christopher's new trucks for Christmas were a hit!

 Too cold Mommy!
 I'm a goofy boy.

 Audrey and Maggie.
Yee-ha Cowgirl!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Audrey's 5th Birthday Checkup

It was a big day at the doctor today. In preparation for Kindergarten, Audrey had to get 4 shots, blood drawn, and a urinalysis! She also had her vision checked which was 20/30. She's still tall for her age but slowed down a bit this year. :) 
Height: 44 1/8 inches (80%) and Weight: 41.6 pounds (60%).

Friday, February 1, 2013

Christmas 2012

 Audrey's hair was so pretty for Christmas and she even let me put birettes in her hair!

 The girls are so adorable here!
 Yummy cheese ball!
 Thank you for my new train book Grandma!

 Christopher made out like a bandit with Tonka trucks!

 And Jackson was thrilled with all his Star Wars toys!
 New American Girl clothes for her baby doll Maggie.

 New pajamas!
 Cookies and milk for Santa.

 Choo-choo train!
 XBOX gift card from Lugene hidden in a puzzle.
Audrey got a doll house from Santa, just what she asked for.

Snowfall December 2012

 Audrey couldn't wait to play in the snow when it finally snowed for the first time of the season the week of Christmas.

 Christopher was not having the cold weather and snow.

Thanks to the snow pants we got from Lugene, we were able to stay out a lot longer and stayed warm and dry!

Kids Having Fun

 Sometimes they really play nicely together and have a good time with each other!

 Audrey really doesn't like to lick the beaters after I have made something in the kitchen. Christopher, however, can't wait for me to be done!


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Preschool Christmas Program

 Christmas bells are ringing.
 Christopher was well-behaved and tried to participate as much as possible.
 Audrey knew all the words to the songs and was a good leader.
 My favorite song was Happy Birthday Jesus. It was so sweet and brought tears to my eyes.

 Away in a Manger

 And the finale, This Little Light of Mine
Christopher really got into this one!